Start-Ups within the UK: What You Need to Know

Start-UpsAccording to the UK government, start-ups are capable of getting up and running by following six simple steps.

  1. Get an idea for a business
  2. Get funded
  3. Research the market
  4. Develop and plan
  5. Find partners and suppliers
  6. Set up the business

When you listen to these six steps, it all sounds very simple. Unfortunately, many businesses forget about at least one of these steps and this is why they fumble. Without completing each step correctly, it can leave the business unbalanced. Researching the market is important to ensure there is a need. Developing and planning is needed to prevent things from being missed. Finding partners is what the Chamber of Commerce is all about.

There are a lot of resources to help you with what you need to know – and there are plenty of links available to help you every step of the way.

You do not have to start up your business alone. You simply need to know what steps to take.

Once you become a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you will have access to other members of the business community as well the resources you need. Those in Islington stick together. When you have questions, one of our business partners can answer them for you.