7 Unconventional (& Brave) Start-ups to look for in 2014

In the last decennia Entrepreneurs have been changing the world with just a single new idea, product, or service. The UK has more than its fair share of brilliant, unconventional and brave minds, as all seven of the most notable new firms were born here. According to author David Lester, (“Start Your Own Business 2014“) more UK dreamers are putting pen to business plan and making a fortune than ever before. Would-be business owners can (and should) take heart from the following 7 successful new ventures which are most likely to become very successful in the upcoming year:

#7 Digital Shadows

digital-shadowOrdinary people and multinational companies suffer from theft by computer hacking. Digital Shadows tracks the digital residue left by a company’s employees or management. Digital Shadows makes sure that sensitive details are not inadvertently left online. Even when an individual believes information is delivered through the Internet is deleted, hackers can and do steal such information. Digital Shadows is much-needed online protection.

#6 Babelverse

Babelverse makes expensive corporate translation services a thing of the past. In a world that grows smaller by the second, it is important to translate the nuances of the world’s languages and dialects. Businesses, tourists, videographers, or event planners get on-the-spot translations provided by individuals speaking the mother tongue. A small fee is charged for customers using the service, but fear not. The translators earn most of the fee! And when multi-language translation is important, Babelverse comes to the rescue.

#5 Hailo

Hailo is brilliant idea will help you gain almost instant access to cab and taxi services in Toronto, Tokyo, or London – and eight other international cities – directly from a mobile app. Imagine tapping one’s iPhone for a taxi in the midst of rush hour! The ordered taxi appears “automagically.”

#4 GoCardless

Using a credit card can be an expensive habit in more ways than one. Freelancers and project workers of all kinds know they don’t want to pay the off-the-top percentage fees associated with credit cards. (The individual whose invoice is paid with a credit card can lose up to five percent of the total that way!) GoCardless passes along the savings associated with using a debit card and delivers extra online security in doing so!

#3 Suzy Seeds

Almost anything related to cannabis is piping hot as legalised recreational and medicinal use by an aging global population expands. For example, citizens in Colorado (US) recently legalised recreational cannabis use. Some LatAm countries, such as Uruguay, already has an open, regulated cannabis market. Suzy Seeds has twelve years’ experience in discreetly packing and shipping autoflowering, feminized, and non-genetically modified cannabis seeds to growers around the world.

#2 Housebites

housebitesTakeout for delivery food used to be dull, boring, tasteless fare. With Housebites arrival, budding chefs whip up delectable foods for delivery. The catch is this: Housebites chefs send a weekly box to the purchaser’s home, complete with all the ingredients needed to prepare gastronomically pleasing bliss in short order. Housebites boxes include Classic, Classic Veg, and Lite varieties. For those hardy souls who want to learn to cook, Housebites sends recipes and ingredients, delivered fresh and in just the right quantities.

#1 Moves

Many other providers offer the means to track how many steps one takes in a day, but Moves - for iPhone or Android- stays on all the time to measure physical activity. Because the app runs on the user’s mobile, there’s no need to buy a device worn round the neck, waist, ankles or what have you. And busy users will be surprised to learn how many miles they walk each day. Using Moves can mean less hours spent in boring exercise per week, too.

#Honourable Mention

Calico by Google (US)

In 2013, Google announced Calico, a health and wellness resource for families. Living to a vigorous old age is the goal of most people, but chronic diseases, obesity, and environmental issues defy traditional medical treatments. Definitely a brave new start-up with quite a challenge to overcome.